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Finnish Pop Lyrics I

North Karelia

Life didn't give much,
the rainbow ended at the hot dog kiosk.

Harder hands


He never came home that night.

Harder heart and harder hands,
had taken him.
The most familiar streets,
stones and ditches hid our son.

Street doesn't talk,
does not confess,
where is our boy?

Where you touched,
were someone else's..

Lifelong is the mother's sorrow,
cradle is silent now and the rocking chair.

Who could have done this to mom's little one?

Note of Autumn

Living is dying.
Hold my hand,
let's be quiet.

Hey, elves, jump around

Life lasts just a moment,
and even that's all grim and tedious..

Hey, elves, jump around,
it's the most joyful time!

Land of sorrowful songs

Innocent for being born,
in this ice cold northern land,
where our forefathers, drunken of course,
beat their wives, children, if caught.

Classic destiny of man,
boy wanted to avoid,
will not buy an ax,
will not drink booze.

Otherwise the house is drunk.
Snow is calling.
The family.
I don't want to be like daddy.

But unemployment, liquor, ax and family.. 
Snow, police and the fatal error..
The land of thousand tragedies
may run to it's thousand lakes. 

Juniper nation with the amount of self-pity,
that cannot be measured on common sense.

Grief is the guest of honor

Sorrow has to be watered with tears,
so it springs into bloom. 
Pamper and care, with caution, 
so it won't go to waste. 

Never convert from your door,
if grief knocks,
ask it in, feed and solder,
provide a bed to sleep. 

When the flower has seen the summer,
it'll break down into the ground, comes soil.
You can still see it as a flower, 
memories are the most expensive gold. 


To cry, are the human eyes made for,
so let the tears roll...

The Underworld

Painful sick sorrow,
plays souls last song,
invited to death party,
earth swallows all false hope,
to the deepest..

to the underworld,
we shall all go down to die in herds..

Cold City

Coldness covers the city,
greedy looks, carelessness,
dread teeth of stone houses,
icicle people, dead eyes of shopping malls,
crying walls of prisons, spitting metallic gods.
From eunuchs' gods,
begging for mercy,
you are howling in chorus - money, power, honor.
Is gain the main in life?
And strength against human?


Autumn has met the woods,
unrelieved darkness of the night,
the sighing pines
protect the flowers.

Alone, depressed, I join the flowers.
Pick them up for my love.


You will be left with nothing,
or less.

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